Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend Festivities

It's hard to believe the birthday week is almost drawing to an end but don't you worry your pretty little head as I have secured a couple of festivities that I just had to push out to next week . . . hee hee!! And I must also say that this birthday has ranked right up there with one of the most fabulous!!

The real festivities kicked off on Friday night when a bunch of us went out to celebrate some of the other birthday week birthdays as well. It was quite a delight (especially after a bit of a stressful work week) to be able to laugh the hours away.

And in all honesty how could I not laugh when Brenda bust out her excercise ball dance move at the table. I think she is trying to turn it into the next craze by showing it whenever and wherever she can. It even has some fantastic sound effects . . . just in case the music is all in your head. I wish I had a demo to post but picture the start of a squat position where you swivel your butt and hips back and right and then back and left calling out boooooop boooooop with each swivel. I think you might have the picture now ... silly girl!!

Saturday was a delightfully lazy morning and then I headed out to become beautified . . . eyebrow wax, stop at starbucks for the delightful eggnog latte and then I got my hair done!!! A lovely mahogony chocolate brown on the bottom with a rich copper on the top. And of course I could never stop there so we did add a beautiful mahogony chocolate brown panel on the top left!! But the best of Saturday was yet to come!

Mel and I were finally able to connect for a full evening of food, chatter, giggles, more food and a lot more giggles! We set out with the intent to celebrate with one of our progressive dinners. You know the ones where you have appies, entree, dessert and coffee at various locations. However this night, as always, did not turn our as intended.

The first step is to pick either the area we want to dine in or the location of our entree for the night. Once you have that decided, everything else tends to fall into place.

For this special occasion, we decided on San Reno. Apparently there are 3 lovely city locations: marda loop, 90th ave and mckenzie town. Since Mel lives in Marda Loop that was struck from the list. I wasn't entirely sure of Mckenzie Town Options so we decided to try 90th Ave.

In order to not totally bore you I will follow up with one big long run on sentence to say 90th was closed up tighter than a drum and the chinese restaurant option was not so appealing so we headed to McKenzie town only to take a detour onto 130th to find our appetizer spot where we discovered a royal bank were complete gong shows in the drive through service missed our turn ended up in some industrial area which took us a little bit to fight our way out of where we finally made it to the keg to discover it's the hot spot on a saturday night so we skulked around the lounge until a free table finally came our way and by that time we had a spot to watch the football game, a cozy fire and a delightful waitress so we abandoned our progressive dinner in favor of a lovely 3 course dinner in one spot. We still shared one entree though!

Sunday was the day we planned to head out to Banff. And it is finally the day I got my butt in gear and actually take some pics. So I will let the pics tell the story (not to mention the fact I am sure you are quite tired of reading).

a little stroll up Johnston's Canyon to start the day

We went out with our friends Brad, Laurel and Sam

Sam with his best scary cave pose

And a yummy dinner at Grizzly House to end the wonderful day


Mom said...

The pictures are beautiful. Must go there the next time we come out in the late fall. Glad you had a fantastic time. I see where Sam enjoyed the chocolate fondue!! Brings back memories!!

Elaine Scott said...

Non of this birthDAY stuff for me anymore. I'm going to have a birthWEEK like you.

abbott said...

somebody changed up the blog!! those are some very pretty pictures :)

Jules said...

Thanks for the pretty pics comments!! I had to change up the blog to take advantage of their new 'largest' photo size option. But i don't really like this layout - Nicole do you have any html magic you can bestow on me so that I can switch it up a bit more??

And as for the birthWEEK aunty elaine . . . I quite agree. I can chat with Leon if you need me to. And don't forget the week technically starts the week before your birthday and ends the week after your birthday! So lots of time to be treated like the diva you already are in all your beauty :)

Mom - Sam was over the moon! It was too cute watching his eyes as he spied the chocolate. He just got glasses as well and his one eye is really bad and so he has this cute little new found 'that's what everything looks like' attitude which is quite sweet!

abbott said...

sorry, my html knowledge is limited to adding links (which sometimes works) and putting font in italics or bold. I usually just run with whatever layout blogger gives me...