Saturday, November 07, 2009

Catching Up . . .

So I know I have been a little distant lately but it certainly hasn't been by choice. But rather my computer decided to have a melt down and wouldn't boot up.

And the crazy thing is I have been trying to back up my photos and music for the last few months. However the Cd's I had didn't have enough memory available and I hadn't gotten around to buying an external hard drive and and and. . .

As a result, here I am trying to catch up on a couple weeks of news, reloading all my music into itunes, setting up my photo albums again and all the other exciting things that come with a computer crash. But alas I will not complain because I would much rather be doing all of this than losing the last 3 years of my life.

As for some of the excitement in my life that you might have missed out on:
  • U2 is coming to Edmonton next summer and my fabulous Jimmy and his equally fab sis Clairise worked out the logistics to ensure that we have 4 tickets to the big event!!!
  • I have eaten more pizza this week than a normal person would over the course of a month . . . mmmmm . . . I do love pizza . . . but this was a bit of a crazy week.
  • My birthday weekend is next weekend and there shall be some fabulous events taking place!
  • The Riders just won first in the western conference . . . love it!!!
  • I have spent some quality time with some quality people and have so many fabulous memories!
  • I bought two new pair of boots and they are beautiful!!!
  • Halloween came and went - I made the mistake of running to the mall to pick up a few things and then helped a friend hand out some candy. I absolutely adore all the little spidermen and pink tutu's flitting about even though they make shopping a touch difficult. It's another one of those days where I wish terribly I was a little closer to the nephews so I could pack up a special treat bag for them and have them come bouncing into my house in their little outfits telling me the excitement of the day.
  • Brenda and I went shopping to one of my favorite stores - Army and Navy!! I bought some serving dishes for Jimmy's place. They are quite fun! And so crazily cheap!
  • And did I mention that I got U2 tickets for my birthday??!!

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Anonymous said...

Ciekawe, czy umiesz powiedzieć coś po Polsku? Bo ja po angielsku tak...
Może będziesz na tyle mądra i wrzucisz to do translatora... Dowiesz co, jest tu napisane...

Umiesz powiedzieć coś po polsku?

Nazywam się... / My name is...
mieszkam w Warszawie/ I live in Warsaw

Miło było Cię poznać.
Tam wszystko jest po polsku!