Monday, November 09, 2009


Monday's can be my nemesis but this morning started off so delightfully. Delightfully that was until I got outside in the big bad world.

As I was on my way to work I spotted a parking ticket man who was getting great delight in ensuring that others hatred of Monday's would grow. He was busy ticketing all the cars who were parked just a little too close to the entrances to alleys and driveways as well as stop signs! Thankfully, I had the coherence to remember that Zinny was parked outside from the day before. I also realized that I had parked her quite close to a driveway in my haste to get out of the car after yesterday's disaster.

(Yesterday's disaster happened in the parking lot of the Co-op downtown. After having two parking spots stolen from me, I rounded the corner to watch two others battling it out for a parking spot. Unfortunately the little yaris might have won the parking spot but lost the battle for his rear bumper. Oh yes, that is right, they played a game of chicken over a parking spot and neither car came out of it shining!)

So I decided that I better quickly check to see if I could pull Zinny up a touch. And I was in luck. Not only did I not have a parking ticket yet but the car in front had moved so I had a good 2 feet of room to pull forward into. When I jumped into the car there wasn't another vehicle in sight on the road. I was so excited that I had beat the Monday morning ticket blues and went to jump out of the car when I hear a bang, feel the car door close and spot a white van zooming by.

Seriously, how can a person be so competent with one side of their life and yet so incompetent in so many other areas.

Luckily enough, the man looked at the side of the van, determined that the paint would buff right up, told me it was no big deal and sent me on my way. Zinny was no worse for the wear and sealed up nice and tight. I was flustered for most of the morning but after a large timmy's and a meeting with a client who found their own $14 million dollar outage before I had to start tick and bopping the day was certainly looking up. A yummy date at Fiore's for their $8.99 pasta special ensured that this day turned out to be a fantastic day after all.


Mom said...

Glad to hear that Zinny is OK as well as you!!

Jules said...

Mercies mom - sometimes I wonder how I made it this far in life. Surely I can't be the only ditzy one out there :S