Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The end of the celebrations

I certainly do think this was one of the most fabulous birthdays I have had!!
After the day trip out to Banff, the actual birth day was spent having a lazy morning, meeting one of my birthday twin friends for lunch at a yummy little restaurant in Kensington, meeting another delightful friend for a facial (with the complimentary make-up touch up which left me looking like I was celebrating Halloween rather than about to head out for a yummy dinner) and then quickly freshening up and changing before heading to a yummy restaurant Alloy for dinner with Jimmy. The only thing missing was seeing all of my friends and family scattered elsewhere around this beautiful world of ours.

Wednesday was a mini bday celebration with my beautiful dinner club girls at another yummy restaurant, Sugo, in Inglewood. It was the first time we had seen Kari since she had little Zander and she is looking absolutely amazing. And it was likely the last dinner club before Sarah gives birth (girl girl girl girl - really hoping if I wish and pray and hope and think it will come true) and she is also looking absolutely amazing. It as always, was a night full of laughter and many crazy stories!!

Thursday, I headed to the hockey game with C. Ann. She is one of the fantastic girls I used to work with and Entero annndddd she also just happens to be Jimmy's cousin thereby being the reason he was working at Entero to begin with and thus kind of a little bit the reason as to how I met him. She is a crazy cat who is incredibly entertaining and a delight to be around so it made the ugly loss a little easier to swallow. And as always, what is a night on the town without a moment of craziness. So . . .

C picked me up at my apartment and we headed downtown for a bite to eat before the game. This also put us in a perfect position to take the c-train down rather than try to navigate parking on site. After our meal we quickly dashed to the train platform and almost forgot to purchase our tickets. We quickly scanned for the ticket dispenser when we heard someone directing us around a shelter structure. As I was about to put my money into the machine, a guy offered us a ticket.

To help put some context to this story I do want to tell you that this isn't an unusual habit on the platforms. Many people tend to beg for money for train fare and often people (myself included) will give them train tickets instead. They then sell these tickets for the price you would pay for a single. I don't tend to take the tickets from these guys but I was in a hurry, he had his hand out for the change which impeded me from putting the cash into the slot and he was already shoving his ticket into the validation slot.

As C was handing her money to the guy, I took a closer look at my ticket to ensure everything looked kosher. It was then that I noticed that we had been scammed . . . this individual had found a packet of used tickets in the garbage can, he then used some of spare change to purchase whiteout to cover up the previous validation stamp. Curses!! By this time, a gentleman behind C also fell subject to the same fate.

Friday saw us tapping our toes to a local Nova Scotia band, the Trews. And I must admit that their concert was too much fun. They are touring with their new acoustic album and they certainly have some great songs on it. And for anyone curious - a yam and a sweet potato are two very different products!

Saturday I invaded Jimmy and Clairise' place with my Christmas decorations and managed to put up the majority of the Christmas tree (of course I was short lights for the top of the tree because two of my light strings burnt out! Argh!!!) . Sunday I watched the Riders run the ball to victory, snuggle little Zander, and hang out with the girls at Sarah's house stocking her freezer with all sorts of delicious meals!

And don't you worry, there will be pics of dinner club and the Christmas festivities to post sometime soon!

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