Monday, August 31, 2009

Picnic Guests

It was an absolutely crazy weekend trying to prep for a big presentation today. And as such my poor boyfriend spent a lot of time waiting for me or watching me work this weekend. Yesterday was no exception.

However, since we had to eat regardless, Jimmy decided that we should get take out from somewhere that we have wanted to grab this summer but haven't. As we decided where that 'somewhere' might be - we went through some of the standard options: Peter's drive-in, Angel's, Mexican. And then I remember that Jimmy really wanted to try Chicken on the Way. I mean really, how bad can it be??

So as we pulled up to our stop, we both took a deep breath, noted the clientele was not as bad as one might expect and headed in. The fry cutter rattled away as it rumbled out freshly cut potatoes. Everyone behind the counter was pleasant. The floor looked clean. The condiments were nicely organized. Wow - what a pleasant surprise! I honestly thought this place was going to be the biggest dive.

We placed our order for some fries, coleslaw, chicken and gravy. Everything was ready within minutes. And to further increase my surprise, they then nicely packaged everything but the chicken up in a little brown bag and wrapped the chicken box in brown paper. Quite a cute little touch. Then Jimmy pointed out the newspaper clipping they had on the wall for the 'grand opening' back in 1958.

So back we came to my little apartment to enjoy dinner on my balcony. Unfortunately we had barely taken a bite when suddenly a family of hornets arrived. After my childhood trauma with the wasps I have learned to ignore these pesky little guys unless they are flying at my face.

Jimmy however was showing off his best moves - ducking here and than moving there. Within seconds he was packing up our picnic dinner to take it inside muttering that he is 'going in so he doesn't get stung'. LOL - when he was grabbing his plate and running he must have realized how that sounded so he then mentioned he wanted to go inside so I would not get stung. Mmmmm - really.

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