Sunday, August 09, 2009

It was all worth it!!

We went to the virgin music fest at COP last night to watch Pearl Jam. 
Our friends have the perfect spot for it so we were able to meet at 
their house for a little refreshment first and then walk over to the 

The stage was set up at the bottom of the ski hill so it was a crazy 
incline to get down to the crowd. But once we were there we secured a 
spot against a retaining fence that went around the sound stage. The 
concert was awesome. The people watching a delight. And the company 
perfect concert goers!!!

However after 2hours of standing on a 90 degree grade we needed to 
turn around and climb back up the hill. By the time we were 2/3 up the 
hill I realized I needed to kick it up a notch at aquasize. My 
mercies. And I seriously can't be the most out of shape person nor was 
I 'wasted' after a day in the sun festivalling like many others 
appeared to be.

But once I made it back to the house, had utilized the facilities 
(there was no way I was risking a dark portapotty) and downed a big 
glass of water it was all worth it.

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