Saturday, August 08, 2009

Won't make that mistake again

So for the past two years I have been going to this little place to get my brows waxed. It's a 45 second walk from my apartment, the ladies are a delight and for $10 and 5 minutes of pain I get brows that others rave over (okay maybe rave is a bit strong but I do receive compliments on them on a regular basis).

Now as I have learned - although the brows are fantastic and the price is reasonable, you do get what you pay for to some degree.

First the ladies all yammer amongst themselves in mandarin so you are never really sure if they are talking about you or someone else or . . . No worries on this because since I don't know what they are saying, in my mind I make up all these fantastic stories they are sharing about their gong shows the night before. After all if it was a place that I ran with my fantastic friends and we spoke a language other than english that is certainly what we would be doing.

Second I am not too sure how often they change the paper they have laid over the waxing table. No probs though since I usually go first thing Saturday morning, I just don't bother showering and changing into my 'going out' clothes until after.

Third, well let me tell you the third . . .

So, since I can't speak their language, I can never pronounce the name of my favorite girl. I usually wind up with her every other session and today was not one of those. The other ladies are not bad but they are not quite as good nor gentle. And today I got somebody new that I have never seen before!!

And although she was good - gentle is not in her vocabulary:
  • the wax was so hot that it burned as she applied it; after visibly wincing she did take a half a second to blow on it
  • she applied the wax to both sides of the brow all the way onto my lid before removing it
  • then she vigorously rubbed the strips onto my lid firmly pushing onto my eyeball
  • the strips were pulled off in one swift motion - not bothering to pull the skin taught (my eyelid was actually pulled off the eyeball during this motion)
  • she then proceeded to move to the other eye to remove the cooled wax causing her to rub even more vigorously and the eyelid to pull up even more

The end result is a delight - two shiny eyebrows that are glowing red with wax glummed onto the hairs that are left.

I think I might sign up for some mandarin lessons, I really have to learn the name of my favorite lady!!!

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Sandra said...

Do you wanna know what that made me think of? Seinfeld. There's an episode like that where Elaine goes to some sort of beauty parlour and they all speak Vietnamese, I think it is. Of course, hilarity ensues!