Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well you know Aunty

My oldest nephew just turned 6. Hard to believe I know!!! And yes, I know I know - hard to believe that I at such a young age could have a nephew that old already but it is true!!!

I called him to wish him a happy birthday but unfortunately we kept missing each other so he finally called me back last night.

After a failed attempt that resulted in a voice message where he repeatedly said hello, I called him back and was met with an indignant 'I was saying hello to you Aunty and you wouldn't respond!'

We quickly caught up on his parties, the money gifts he received and all the sounds that the new bumblebee helmet made. Soon tiring of this and expecting a certain amount of birthday etiquette he queried as to whether or not I was going to come to say Happy Birthday.

Of course I broke out in smiles and exclaimed"Yes, I can't wait to come home and say Happy Birthday to you"!!

It was met with a brief moment of silence and then I hear 'Well you know Aunty, you could say it to me right now'!

The poor guy - I hadn't even bothered to greet his sweet little voice on the phone with a happy birthday so stammering I responded 'You are right - I certainly could. Happy Birthday!'

The most professional thank-you was his response before he inquired if he could chat with Uncle Jimmy!!!

Uh oh! I certainly better do better than that next year. Jimmy cannot dethrone me!

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