Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And we are off

So for some reason, I seem to smell of trouble in airport security. Despite the fact that I am a seasoned traveller - have my liquids and gels in their little bag, take them out of my purse and lie them in the tray, ensure I have taken my belt off, emptied my pockets, if i am traveling with a laptop, it goes in it's own tray, know which items are best in my carry-on - makeup and jewelery. Make-up because it is the most expensive to replace for 1 or 2 days if I lose my luggage, my jewelry cause it can add 5 pounds of weight easily!!! - I still seem to be pulled over.

This time I set off the metal detector thanks to the bling I had chosen to wear and they needed to swab my bag for whatever reason.

After a thorough pat down and arms out wanding, it is off to the swabbing station I go. As the gentleman is routing through my bag he hits the jewelry bag. He pulls it out and starts looking through my things. He then comments 'so much jewelry' to which I respond, 'Oh - I left most of it at home'. As he continues to look through the various items he continually mutters 'what beautiful jewelry' and 'you are certainly a lady who has nice jewelry'.

Finally he is off to investigate the remainder of the items when he stumbles across my make-up bag. Of course you have to know that is going to cause a stir as well. He is still muttering about my things when he hits my eyelash curler. It is one of those red and white plastic curlers. He turns it over and over in his hands. When he finally holds it out to me - I am kind of chuckling and mention that it is my eyelash curler. To which he responds with a smile.

As he tries to pack my things away into the make-up bag again he is struggling with closing it. Finally I offer to do it for him - unsure if that is allowed with our security regulations or not - and he grins away at me. Repeatedly muttering - such a beautiful lady with all these gadgets and jewelry. Such gadgets and jewelry.

Jimmy of course is standing over to the side killing himself laughing!! Oh well - it's pure entertainment most days.

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