Tuesday, September 08, 2009


So after a week and a half in nova scotia and then 2 busy weeks at home my body has been feeling some neglect in the nutrition department. Except for the fabulous meals Jimmys parents cooked I have had salad 3 or 4 times. Sad but true!!!

Tonight I spotted this fantastic deal on the menu at the little free house where we were dining. It included a burger with salad, tomato and onion, chips and your choice of beverage (pop, specialty coffee, wine, gin or any of their draft beers) all for £4.69. Honestly that is cheaper than the quarter pounder at McDs or a latte at Starbucks. Plus it had a salad!! Just what the body needed. 

In London, pubs are slightly different in that they don't wait on your table. So... I mosey on up to the bar to place my order. Beef burger, add cheese, no onion, and dressing on the side for my salad. 

The bar tender looked slightly confused regarding the salad dressing comment and indicated that there is no dressing on the salad. Perfect. I often don't use salad dressing anyway.

When my order arrived I noticed that I didn't have any salad on my plate. I realized I must have ordered it wrong as it only came to £3.99. Oops. Then I bit into the burger and saw that there was lettuce on the burger. And lettuce was not listed as an ingredient.  

No wonder the bar tender was so confused. Lol. Guess salad has a different conotation this side of the pond. Maybe tomorrow I will eat some greens!!!

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