Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lost luggage

I was told at the counter that United never loses luggage, they only temporarily misplace it. Either way my huge honking packed with goodies for Canonsburg and Toronto suitcase is not with me tonight.

I learned on one of my first trips the value in packing a change of clothes in your carry on. Depending on the trip that may mean a swimsuit or a change of undies and new shirt. Today it meant an office appropriate outfit.

Unfortunately I didn't think to include the change in undies! Really??!! That's the most important part. And even more unfortunately I packed a white skirt... My undies not so white! Ugh!!

Oh well I am sure I can salvage the situation. And next time, pack a little bit smarter. On the bright side, I remembered to take my make up in the carry on... I may be stinky but at least I will be batting lashes with mascara...

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