Friday, September 07, 2012

--- 1 ---
I have spent this week working from home and it has been delightful! I am sure I am not going to get to everything on my to do list but I certainly crossed off a few items. I have so enjoyed waking up at home, catching up with dear dear friends and being domesticated. Ha sounds funny saying that but you know - cleaning the bathroom, emptying the dishwasher, cutting veggies, planning meals, shopping at costco - the things that I used to not love doing on a weekly basis I have kind of missed! Don't get me wrong though - it isn't something I want back on a weekly basis - I am not crazy!

--- 2 ---
One of the things I find a bit hard with travel is the lack of personal contact. As you well know, I am a huge extrovert and so spending 4 days without that personal connection gets old real quick. Although this project is better in that I am working on a team I still spend my evenings to myself. I could never last on a deserted island. So this week, being able to lunch with friends as I did today or spending the evenings with Jimmy has been so refreshing on the soul.

--- 3 ---
Something that I have been loving with travel has been with the project location. I love Fort Worth/Dallas area. It has delightful friends from previous projects that I need to make a priority to see more, summer isn't over yet there as it is still boasting 34 degrees  and they have fantastic mexican food - I mean the most delicious mexican food. I have had to make a pact with myself that I can only have one guilty pleasure dinner a week - cuz really - who can resist enchiladas.

--- 4 ---
Next week I head to Pittsburgh and then Toronto. Pittsburgh for work to the Cannonsburg office. It will be great to meet all the lovely people down there. I haven't had the pleasure yet and meeting the people you work closely with makes such a huge difference. Toronto is a girls trip that I have had planned with Julie for quite a while. We have Madonna tickets!!! so excited - not necessarily that I am a huge Madonna fan cause I am certainly not. But more because she is a icon and guaranteed to put on a pretty incredible production. But even more than that - I am soooo excited to spend time with Julie! It is going to be incredible and is long overdue. I love that girl to pieces and cannot wait to hang out with her just us - no wedding planning - no spouses (not that we don't love you boys) but just us.

--- 5 ---
Jimmy and I watched The Vow this past weekend. What a beautiful movie (even more so knowing it was inspired by a true story). Jimmy and I chatted a little about what that could look like for us (I won't ruin it here in case you haven't seen it yet. For those who have - you know what I am talking about) and if we thought that you find your way back to yourself. Certainly an interesting thought - and one that leaves me thanking the Lord that we don't have to work through that right now.

--- 6 ---
It is supposed to warm up here this weekend. If it does, a topless ride in Zinny to the mountains is definitely happening on Saturday. Just letting you all know. It - is - happening!

--- 7 ---
I would like to add some books to my reading list. Any ideas? Something that won't scare me too much at night but something that is not super fluffy either. Let me know if you do - I'm starting to feel a touch illiterate. Maybe I will even renew my library membership. Yes - I think I will.

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Mom said...

Books - The Vow by Kim & Krickitt Carpenter & Dana Wilkerson
- Her Mother's Hope and Her Daughter's Dream by Francine Rivers
- Choosing To See by Mary Beth Chapman & Ellen Vaughn