Friday, September 21, 2012

Catching up

Whew a busy couple of weeks. But I am finally at home, catching up on shows and looking forward to a delightfully quiet weekend.

Toronto was absolutely fantastic and the Madonna concert was certainly a once in a life time experience! Julie and I had so much fun relaxing, lots and lots of chatting, some eating, a fair amount of walking and plenty of people watching. We lounged on the beach, we updated our fall wardrobes, we bought some shoes (one of the things I love about Julie is the fact that shoes are always purchased) and handbags - a beautiful satchel style one that I cannot wait to use - and had a couple of coffees. Oh how I loved every minute of that weekend!!!!!

After a 7 hour layover at my house in Calgary - Jimmy was whisking me back to the airport to head down to Fort Worth again.

And now here I am - after a week of spreadsheets and data validation, of demos and bad hotel meals - home I am. YAYE!!!

But all was not lost this week - I did squeeze in a visit with my dear friends down south and a chance to meet their new little one - the precious guy that he is!!!!!

Looking forward to lots of fun this weekend. Will be sure to fill you all in :)

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