Monday, September 03, 2012

5 more minutes

There is this little song by Meaghan Smith called 5 More Minutes that I absolutely love. It's all about summer memories and begging mom and dad for 5 more minutes to play.

That reflects how I feel tonight on this long weekend that ushers in September with fall breezes. Please summer... 5 more minutes. I'm not ready for bed yet. I haven't got my golf game ready to attempt to play. We haven't played tennis nor gone for a bike ride. The river hasn't been floated and we only camped once. Zinny hasn't whisked us on a topless cruise into the mountains nor have I finished the box of iced coffees we bought for the keurig. Our local park hasn't been explored and we haven't had a picnic. I'm just not ready yet. Please... Just 5 more minutes??!!

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