Sunday, January 09, 2011

Spa Night

One of my lovely friends, Sar treated me to a delayed birthday surprise - an in home spa party. And what a party it was. Great friends, yummy chocolate fondu and all the pampering a girl could ask for . . . pedis and manis were the service of the night.

It felt like forever since I have had a chance to catch up with the girls and what a perfect night it was. Talks of vacations, crazy day homes, new loves, old friends, weddings and bridesmaid dresses freely flowed. I love these times when we can just sit and be in each other's company.

The only thing missing on the night was the opportunity to freeze time. Oh if only that could be possible. It would take me forever to get through this year. Well, on the other hand,  maybe freezing time wouldn't be quite so much fun, I am too excited for all that April brings to pause through much over the next few months.

p.s. my toes are a sparkly grey blue and my fingers a sparkly nude just in case you were wondering

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