Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It was an early morning and I was still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as I pulled into the parking lot.

Normally, I like to pull up by the ticket kiosk and grab my ticket quickly so that I don't need to go back after I park.

This day, someone was already at the kiosk.

I pulled in to park instead.

By the time I got to the kiosk, another man was also there. He was struggling with his ticket. I remember those days when you hope the credit card will process the payment.

So I decided to offer this man some grace and I bought his ticket for him.

When I went to buy my ticket, the machine wouldn't process my card. Oh dear - maybe it was the machine and not the credit card for the gentleman before.

I went to call the impark service line - 1-877-771-PETE if anyone needs it anytime in the future.

I soon discovered that Impark has a built in security feature which will not allow you to process more than one payment per credit card for the same lot.


They said they would send out a bulletin to the parking crew who look for those rule breakers parking without a ticket. Alas, I still got a ticket.

So much for being a good samaritan . . . or maybe that is what it really means - to sacrifice and pay the price for others wrong doings!

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