Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Accomplished Week

I feel as though I have had a very productive week.
On the work front, I have caught up on a couple of my projects and feel a little more prepared to attack the other projects. Some timelines have shifted which certainly has relieved some of the stress.

On the health front, Brenda and I are back at 'er at the gym. My body has that familiar ache the day after a great work out and we have our work outs planned for this week.

On the beauty front, I have a little hair appt booked for this week. My christmas face cream is fighting those winter skin blues. And my new accessories are brightening up my seasoned outfits.

On the friends front, the long awaited meeting of a special someone finally happened. It is fun to see a dear friend with that  'glow' that only 'butterflies' can bring out. Sar planned a spa night last weekend so the house was filled with lots of girl talk and that long awaited chance to catch up after a busy Christmas season.

On the wedding front, well, lots has come together on the wedding front! The first fitting of Jimmy's vest was ready at the same time that the boys were going up for their measurements. I was excited to see it come together and looking as good as it did in my mind. She even finished one for my nephews to take home and try on! Yaye! Two of the bridesmaids are good to go with their dresses. Some more of my ebay purchases arrived for the wedding. The hair appointments are confirmed. We have the logistics finalized for the wedding day agenda. And . . . drum roll please . . . I got the first draft of the invitations done! Whew - quite the week.

I hope this week is full of as many accomplishments!

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