Sunday, January 30, 2011

A new route home

So, since I moved into the house, I have been fairly diligent in taking the bus to work. For the most part it is an easy ride in - the #17 at the end of my block has me to the office in my cubicle in under a half an hour consistently. For the trip home, I catch one of 2 buses that drop me off a 10 minute walk to the house - again a 30 minute trip door to door. Pretty easy.

Well, I met a friend on the bus one day that lives in the same area and he was surprised to see me on the 100 series rather than the 17 home. After a fairly in depth conversation about how easy and convenient the 17 would be I finally decided to give it a go on Thursday.

Although it was Jimmy's bday, I knew he would be out of town until 6 or 6:30, I wasn't needing to stop at the gym and frankly I was feeling a touch lazy so it was the perfect trial day. Let's just say I won't be taking that route again - I diligently checked the schedule but the bus was 5 minutes early which of course meant i was waiting at the redlight to cross the street when it pulled into the stop; after waiting another 20 minutes I finally did get on, it took forever to get through to Bow trail and then took me on an indirect route through the south side of bow and weaving through wildwood. Had to try it at least once but by the time I arrived at the stop for my 2 minute walk to the house over an hour had passed . . . think I am sticking with the 100 series and the 10 minute walk.

Hee hee - so much for being lazy!!

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Elaine Scott said...

I thought you were going to talk about a new route home like you used to take in Moose Jaw once in a while.