Monday, June 05, 2006

Another random moment in the midst of my life . . .

My friend Mel and I have established a bit of a fun tradition where we do a progressive dinner when she is up visiting and we actually have more then 2 hours to see each other. The premise is that we choose all of our favorite restaurants with favorite items for each course (i.e. I love the cactus cuts and BP’s but don’t often eat there for anything else) and then order one to share – take our time getting to the next restaurant and do the same.

Well, Friday was the day for this extravaganza –

We started out at El Sombrero’s and had some fabulous tiquita chicken bites of heaven while being entertained to all the famous Mexican love songs by this cute little Mexican man on his guitar. Then we walked down 17th to hit up Fiore’s for their yummy mushroom caps. Along the way we wandered into a couple shops and looked around. Our next stop was Milestone’s where we decided to keep the varieties of ethnicities, etc. going and chose the Red Thai Curry bowl! From there it was back to the car and off for the dessert finale! Well – on the way Mel decides that we should run across the intersection even though the light had started to flash. Just as we take off I notice the hand no longer flashing and the light turn yellow. In my mind I am realizing that I am never going to make it as my flips do not allow for sprinting very well but I decide to at least give it my best shot when my back foot fully runs out of my flip flop. Now, please do not forget that I have a 36” inseam – this means a full 3’ of toned muscle (okay maybe not so toned but still a 3’ span of leg) per leg and as Fran can attest to a very long stride. So now to jog back to where my shoe lays is a good 10’ with one bare foot and a light that is definitely red for me which means green for the four lanes of traffic 3 deep per lane anxiously awaiting to cross through the intersection. I then realize that my best bet as I don’t want anyone running over my favorite flip is to take my other flip off thus freeing my body to uninhibitedly sprint to the flip and back to the sidewalk. I didn’t dare look up at anyone waiting in their cars as I am sure my face was beet red to the point that the drivers thought their light had turned red again.

My my - what a laugh – enough that we had no problem working off our first three courses and making plenty of room for dessert!

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