Monday, June 12, 2006



Let me tell you. San Francisco is wonderful. I think we should have a mandatory girls weekend and San Fran should be the first location:

First of all my hotel:

This is the lobby where they serve wine every evening to the guests

The rooms – how can you help but love it.

And finally the sites, shopping and travels

These kinds of homes are everywhere.

Crazy Lombard street which is absolutely beautiful

My hotel was just half a block off the trolley line.


Yes Fran, you better believe it – an H&M


Sarah & Lee in the M.E. said...

I'm definitley in for a girls weekend in San Fran! Looks beautiful. Great pictures, but I think it's time for a digital camera Jules! Where are those self portraits of you and the Golden Gate bridge in the background? Those houses took me back to my "Full House" days. Good times.

Jules said...

And here I thought cutting and pasting off of some dude's web site for his vacation would work - it looks the same I just don't know the family in the pictures :)