Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To Keep You Up to Date on my Travels . . .

Well the day dawned bright and clear but I knew better then to be deceived by the blissful sight out my bedroom window. I was going on an adventure – and all who know me know that when I head out on an adventure it means that laughter and “experiences” arew right around the corner.

Never the less, I bound out of bed and jump into the shower (okay I was pretty tired as it took for ever to fall asleep the night before and I was probably running on about 3 hours of sleep! – needless to say I didn’t bound or jump anywhere!!) and start the day. After my final packing and ensuring I had enough room for whatever little items I may buy along the way, I quickly call my mom to tell her that I will email the itinerary tonight. By this point my hour of the day has gone pretty smoothly. Of course that never lasts as sure enough – Mom questions me as to whether I had heard all about the ‘666’ play that has been in the news. Of course not! I have spent every waking moment doing nothing but prepping for this trip this past week – but thanks Mom for bringing it to my attention now! She then instructs me on where to go to buy fun things for the boys (my mercies – haven’t I proven myself as a valid aunty yet?) and then Fran and I are off.

The trip to the airport is fairly uneventful but I know this can’t last. I get into the terminal, look at my ticket, find the ‘Frontier’ counter and within 2 minutes I am at the desk being serviced. This is where things start to get sketchy!! They can’t seem to get all my info loaded into the computer. Whenever they try to print a baggage tag – some dudes tag prints but he is only going as far as Denver. As much as I love shopping, there is no way I can afford to buy a new wardrobe if my luggage does not make it to Nashville. Finally after 15 minutes and 5 wrong baggage tags, 3 re-rentries of my passport, I have the necessary boarding passes and I am off! Next stop security.

Just as I am about to load my stuff onto the conveyor belt that goes through the xray machine, I am told that I have been selected at random for a search. Of course I have! I always am!! So she pulls me out of line, asks me to empty all of my electronics then sends me through the beepers. And of course I chose to wear the belt with the metal beading on it – it never beeps – I am sure they are plastic beading with metallic finish. But no! I beep away. So then I must undo my belt while she feels around my waistline.

Next it is a complete search of all my bags. That careful packing all put to waste as everything is disorganized once again. Finally – the best part. The “patting” as they so innocently put it. That means that you stand there spread eagle while they feel over my entire body looking for hidden weapons culminating with “patting” my head with their rubber gloves. Of course my hair is now all staticy and being pulled as they run their fingers over my head. Goodness gracious!

But alas I am on the plane and awaiting the next adventure while looking out over the Colorado mountain range – the rockies are most definitely cooler!!

Stay tuned for part 2 because alas the day was not over yet . . .

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