Saturday, June 10, 2006

Part 2 . . .

So the first leg of the journey is somewhat uneventful. A whole seat to myself and about the concentration or attention span of my nephews. However, I do manage to get onto a roll and get a bunch of stuff worked through. Denver’s terminal for Frontier is huge and by the time we arrive there I am looking forward to a break from work and eating! I pick up a sub and have a quick lunch before finding a spot to recharge the laptop and get going on more prep work. I put in a CD so that I can listen to music while the lap top is recharging and I am working in the app. I can still totally hear all the boarding announcements – or at least I think I can. But time is ticking away and they still haven’t announced my flight. Finally I hear this woman get up and say this is the final boarding call for Nashville flight 243. Ooops – that is me! Next she comments that they will be closing the doors on the plane immediately. Well I quickly shove my stuff together and head over to the gate where she has to unlock the passage door to let me on. But I made it down to the end and others were still waiting to bored so I didn’t feel too bad.

To keep up with the roll I had going though, I loaded the computer with a couple Third Day CD’s and plugged in my ear phones to enjoy the duration of the trip. I got a tonne done and so the last 20 minutes I let myself play a game to pass the descent. Throughout the flight, whenever any of my favorite songs came on, I made sure to turn up the volume and sing in my loudest head voice. I was feeling so good about all I accomplished! As I am getting ready to shut everything down, I pull out my headphones then quickly realized I hadn’t muted the computer only to realize that I had plugged the headphones into the wrong spot at the beginning of the flight and had actually been playing my CDs so everyone around could hear it too! How embarrassing. And why the ladies on either side of me didn’t say anything – I have no idea. They probably thought that I was trying to subtly convert them.

Then it was off to the Opry Mills shopping spot! After some wrong turns in the airport – I found my way there safely and had a wonderful time doing some power shopping. By the time I came back out to the car with every intention of wandering around the Opryland Hotel (I was only shopping for a little over an hour) I realize it is already dark. So I decided to take a quick drive and see what I can see – an hour later, numerous parking lots, etc. I finally find my way out onto I155 when in the lane beside me I see this mid 80’s mini van that has a cardboard license plate. Yeah – that is right - jiffy marker on a cereal box complete with state and expiry date but no actual license plate in site. How bizarre, hey?! And to think that Jaime (my client contact at Eco) actually had the nerve to say that Canada - Calgary is dated. At least we buy our license plates :)

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