Saturday, July 14, 2012

Black or is that Green Betty Burger Bar

It's hard to believe that we had had our dinner club going for 8 ish years(?)!! And over those years we have had some amazing dining experiences. We have had a couple busts and perhaps our standards have been raised a little. But we certainly have had many many wins and not one experience that has been so awful that I have been motivated to write a review on urban spoon. That is until last night. 

Our experience last night at Black Betty Burger and Wine Bar was disappointing and gross to be perfectly honest with you:
- our server was disengaging and rude
- our appetizer never arrived and our server was frustrated that we would want to cancel it after our meals arrived
- the atmosphere was so loud as they were pumping themselves up for the Calgary Stampeders stampede party downstairs
- the one meal arrived covered in mold... Not just a little bit but throughout the inside of the sandwich and along the edges ; yes that is what I said.... Mold!!!!!!
- the server apologized but then barely did anything about it other than discounting that meal only off the menu
- it was warm in there as is expected when we are in a heat wave but when I asked for more water she only filled my glass even though everyone else at the table was low on water too
- the manager, chef and sous chef were all sitting upstairs at the bar and not one of them came over to personally apologize
- we weren't offered dessert nor more to drink and the bill was tossed on our table in front of the girl with the moldy sandwich no less
-  they couldn't get us out of their restaurant fast enough but then also wanted to ignore us so it makes it hard for us to pay our bill if they are ignoring us.....

The situation with the moldy sandwich was bad but it was a recoverable moment. That is what made the experience so disappointing - they did nothing to try and recover their reputation. Especially the manager! Calgary has so many good restaurants that close because they just can't compete so I don't understand how they feel they can succeed if they continue to treat people how we were treated. We are all connected to downtown through our companies we work for and talk to - do they not realize that word of mouths their biggest advertising potential?

I would highly recommend going to one of Calgary's other delightful restaurants any night of the week!

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