Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jimmy made dinner the other night. He rummaged around in the freezer and came up with ground pork and sausage meat. I had bought both to make burgers - these delicious pork satay burgers that we both quite like and the sausage meat was to mix with beef for a variation on regular beef burgers.

I had tried this a few months ago when using up this sausage meat that one of Jimmy's friends had bought and Jimmy exclaimed how much he liked it. Making dinner is totally worth it when my loved ones exclaim over how good things are and so even though sausage meat is not my favorite thing I am willing to make the odd thing I do not love for my handsome husband (that is of course fully dependant on the fact that he continues to do things like mowing the lawn or shovelling snow!!) and his dinner enjoyment!

Despite his best efforts with cheese and creams and other such additions, the pork and sausage goulash did not quite cut it. The potatoes more than made up for what the goulash was lacking and sour cream did help cut the taste of sausage and pork a bit but I still couldn't eat much of it. Eventually Jimmy, who also wasn't loving his meal, speaks up and states that he doesn't really care for the sausage meat. I bust out laughing - phew - I admitted I didn't either but had merely bought it for those burgers that he was exclaiming over. 

We proceeded to polish off the potatoes, through the rest of the meat mixture out and walk to dairy queen for blizzards!!

Glad we didn't spend years buying and eating sausage meat, both pretending that we love it, before finding out this little fact. I wonder what else Jimmy is pretending to love . . . I am sure time will tell!

Update: I forgot to mention in the original version that Jimmy said the only reason he pulled it out of the freezer was because he thought that the sausage meat was one of my favorites! Mercies . . . hee hee

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