Monday, June 06, 2011

A day in the life of a travelling gypsy

Okay - I am not a gypsy but here is how my travels went today:
  • 3:30 am the alarm rings
  • After a couple stretches I am up, packing the last minute things
  • On the drive to the airport, I realize that I forgot to book a rental car on the other end
  • 4:45 Jimmy is dropping me off at the door
  • 5:30 I have a latte in hand as I wait for the flight to board
  • I catch an hour of restless sleep on the plane before pulling up the shade a bit and enjoy another coffee with my fruit cup
  • 9:00 I finally land in Phoenix and spend the next 45 minutes trying to figure out how to catch my connecting flight
  • First there is no board that shows connecting flights in the US terminal
  • Secondly I cannot find this door 22 that is supposed to magically whisk me to terminal 4
  • Thirdly any time I ask someone about door 22 they vaguely point in a general area and tell me to follow it there
  • I didn't dare take time for a facility break as I was set to be boarding in 40 minutes and counting
  • Finally I make it to the terminal and get through security (without a beep) to the nearest washroom
  • I had to finish my litre bottle of water on the connecting shuttle after all as I didn't realize that I would need to clear security for a second time in Phoenix
  • I was entertained by the vast variety of individuals that I would be travelling to Houston with

  • Oh yes - you are looking at acid washed tie dyed jeans - I didn't think that was possible; and he is sporting a 6" handlebar moustache on top of his goatee beard! (forgive the blurriness - I was trying to take this in stealth mode)
  • The flight to Houston was fairly uneventful - just colder than I would have liked - darn AC
  • I pick up my luggage at Houston only to see an interesting sticker on my bag
  • You are reading correctly, that does say Status: Suspect . . . really?? What does that mean?
  • 4:30 pm Calgary time I am all checked in
  • Now after a delicious Mexican meal I am ready for bed!
  • Whew - that was was a crazy 13 hour plus travel day

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