Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jimmy was away a couple weekends ago on the boy's golf trip and this gave me the perfect opportunity to relax and putter and around the house. I spend the majority of yesterday starting to pull together our backyard. One of the things I love about having a house, is the opportunity for backyard summer living. And although Calgary isn't known for the greatest of summers, the thought of enjoying a warm night outside makes it all worth it!

So I busily planted and fertilized, turned the soil and weeded. I hung lights and clocks. Pruned bushes and checked out my blooming iris. I smelled lilies of the valley and looked for the perfect spot for my peony. A peony - So excited about the peony that I bought on Friday! I guess I really am a married woman now if I get excited about a peony.

The only thing that we have left is to get a dining table and chairs and work a little more on the lighting situation. So stay tuned for a couple of pictures of where everything is at.

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Colleen Taylor said...

This post inspires me, Jules. Maybe not enough to actually do some gardening of my own, but definitely enough to develop my own domesticity!