Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The wonder of it all

Our body is an amazing creation. It often causes me to stop in wonder. Looking at a new born baby. The reslience of children's bodies. The ability for the body to adapt and compensate for its weaknesses. And most of all it's ability to heal itself.

Iwent to the dentist yesterday. Ahh yessss, one of the reasons why I am still dreaming about buying a condo! And was told that rather than the original work they had booked me in for that day that they were switching it up a little and doing a root canal. Argh!

I wasn't exactly prepared for this. I was still recovering from my cold/flu that took me out of the game last week. This root canal wasn't supposed to happen until January when my dental coverage would be rereshed again with the new year's limit. But here I was 2 hours in the chair while my dentist performed his magic.

As the freezing came out, the throbbing started. By the time I was ready to leave for the day the pain was certainly more than a throb. All I could bear for dinner was ice cream. And this is where I want to highlight how amazing our bodies are.

I don't know if it's because God knew we would need nourishment to regain health or if He had another reason but it constantly amazes me how quickly wounds heal in the mouth. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out and now the root canal. Logic would reason that a warm damp environment for open wounds would result in them taking twice as long to heal. After all the best thing for blisters and cuts are to allow them to air out. And I don't have a habit of wandering around panting as I try to air out my root canal.

But here I am, barely 2.5 days after my mouth was so sore I couldn't even eat the saskatoon pie that went with the ice cream, now I could gnaw on ribs. Not that I want to gnaw on ribs. But the point is I could if I wanted to.

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