Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Okay I must admit that I cannot believe I am actually wishing for snow but I kinda am. It all started when I watched an old Gilmore Girls on the weekend.

I love the Gilmore girls!!! I really do. For so many more reasons that I won't bore you with today but I will tell you a few of them. First of all, Lorlei has fantastic fashion sense. I would buy her wardrobe in a heartbeat. Lorlei and Rory have the most random conversations with each other. I kind of feel a little bit like I can sometimes initiate random conversations. Okay so maybe quite often I initiate random conversations and so it makes me feel less weird! And thirdly, the excitement they get over simple things. This is something else that I can totally relate to. A little too much at times but I love it!

So, I was watching an old episode of Gilmore girls. It is the one where Lorlei is soooo excited over the first snowfall. And she loves it. It is something that her and Rory wait for and when it finally arrives, they talk about how much snow is their friend, it protects them and brings them joy. Luke however, is kind of cranky pants in a cute way and he hates the snow - it's cold and he has to shovel it blah blah blah. Unfortunately Lorlei has a really bad experience with snow in this episode. It clogs her driveway at the inn so her customers can't get in or out. It causes the coffee delivery truck to not be able to deliver coffee. She has to walk down to Luke's to get coffee but on the way there steps in an icey puddle, they cannot find the inn guests who they sent out on a snow shoeing expedition and she goes to get into her jeep which is parked under the tree only to find that all the snow has slid off the branches and buried her jeep. But alas all is not lost for the romance of snow.

Luke realizes that it's okay if he hates snow but it isn't so much okay to see Lorlei hating snow. After all, this is one of the endearing qualities he loves about her - the fact that she finds such a delight in simple things. Sooooo....... he builds her a little rink on her front lawn and brings out her skates so that when she comes home after her horrible snow day there he is to greet her. She shakily skates around the rink and falls in love with snow all over again!

At the end of the show I found myself thinking about the things I do enjoy about winter. Buying new mittens, prepping for Christmas, going for a walk through the crunchy snow when the trees have been kissed by jack frost, heading out to Banff springs for a christmas brunch with all their decorations up, strapping on the skates and gliding along the frozen water with Jimmy, cider and Christmas songs! And now that Zinny is all prepped for her new snow filled adventures I cannot wait!

Now I find myself wistfully looking out the window every morning. Maybe today we will have some snow. Maybe. But not yet . . .

Instead Jimmy and I went for a walk and crunched some leaves. There aren't a lot of leaves to crunch. I did find a couple though!

And joy of all joys, Rory's old boyfriend Logan Huntzberger just showed his cute little face on the new TV show, 'A Good Wife!!' It's that show that has Juliana Marguelise and Mr. Big! First time watching. Jury is still out on it. But I saw Logan. It is worth a second watch on that merit alone.


abbott said...

Gilmore Girls rock my face off. I love the speed they talk at and all the random pop culture references too! And that episode is a gooder :)

Jules said...

I still really miss them. There are few shows i miss. I miss them!