Sunday, October 04, 2009

On a cold Sunday

Argh - I would really like to complain about the fact that our fall seemed to be cut short on us. Instead of being able to enjoy a nice walk in the leaves, all I could think about was hot chocolate and a cozy blanket. And apparently, some people add Sunday football to that list as well. But I had such an enjoyable afternoon with fantastic friends that I can't even think about complaining about the weather.

So in light of this, I am trying to get into this NFL thing. It has been difficult for me as it doesn't seem quite as exciting as CFL or hockey. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I don't currently have a team. Riders all the way cause I just have that Rider pride and of course there is no other team on the ice other than the Flames. I know I could just adopt Jimmy's team - the Redskins - but personally I don't overly like the team colors. Burgundy and gold are not my thing and it seems kind of cheesy to just pick a team because a cute boy cheers for them. So, over the last half of last year's season and now again this year I have been taking a poll on how people come to have a 'team' to cheer for.

The stories are certainly varied - some peeps adopt teams cause their cousins cheer for them, some pick the cutest quarterbacks and follow them from team to team, others feel connections with that area or city. None of these really help me. I don't know the quarterbacks well enough to know who are the hot ones. The cities that I love have other boys in Jimmy's circle of friends cheering for them so that could be awkward. And I don't know who my cousin's cheer for.

Maybe burgundy and gold will grow on me. . . I might try cheering for them on the inside and see how it feels.

Or maybe I should keep researching this topic . . .

Or just maybe I should take up a Sunday afternoon hobby like knitting or cross stitch. On second thought, I think I will pick a team. Not too sure how much I would enjoy knitting and my thumb still hurts from my roller blading adventures. And football snacks are sure tasty!


Sandra said...

Well, Jules, Jason cheers for Peyton Manning and Mark cheers for the Eagles - now you know! Hee hee. I cheer for whoever is on my fantasy team!

Jules said...

Excellent tips Sandra - funny!!! I do here that Peyton is nothing short of brilliant on the field - maybe I should follow Jason!! He was always my hero growing up!

Jules said...

Oh and p.s. - who does Peyton play for?

Sandra said...

Indianapolis Colts - we went to see them last year.