Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Strip District and Infamous Sandwich Shop

I promise - this is my last post about my 18 hours in Pittsburgh.

So after a fantastic sleep and a morning of work, I had everything packed up and I was ready to grab some lunch in the Strip District on my way to the airport.

I had heard about Primanti Bros. and their crazy sandwiches and was told I just had to try them. So try them I did! Well at least a bite or two cause in all honesty, the majority of the sandwich did not fit in my 'clean' eating program. However, I had to at least try a bite or two - right?

In addition to this being the original Primanti's, the strip district was full of cool little sidewalk 'pop-up' kiosks, stores, restaurants and people. Historic buildings and characters were a plenty around there as well. Here are a few pics that cannot even begin to do it justice.

 In case you are wondering - that is huge slices of thick bread, with the meat of choice (chicken for me) provolone, French fries, coleslaw and tomatoe slices . . Crazy! but delicious. I then proceeded to pick out the veggies and chicken . . .  hahaha

I could have spent hours strolling the street rather than the single hour I had for lunch and wandering. Oh well - next time.

So there you have it - a glimpse into Pittsburgh. Pretty cool city - hey??

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