Saturday, June 01, 2013

Summer Cruisin Continued

I promised you some more photos from our Mother's Day cruise in the mountains and here they are - finally!

We headed out through Kananaskis trying to avoid all the Canmore and Banff popularity. As we came around a corner I was looking out amongst the escape of trees and noticed something strange. Jimmy was already driving slow as it was a gravel road that was quite curvy. I quickly squealed to Jimmy to check it out - there was a man buck naked squatting down amongst the trees. We couldn't really tell what he was doing - but regardless - it shouldn't have called for him to do it naked - should it? Not really something I could take a picture of - but I am sure you have the mental image regardless.

Our adventure continued, alternating between gravel and pavement for a while. We had just crossed back onto pavement and so stopped to put the top down. The sun was shining and it was gorgeous out. This little critter slowly strutted his stuff across the road and so we were able to pull over and get a picture. Not sure exactly what it was but we are leaning towards a mink? Beautiful coat regardless!

We had packed a picnic lunch and were looking for a nicy, sunny spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We finally decided at Upper Kananaskis Lake that it was now or never. We could see these dark clouds rolling in over the mountain pass and knew the weather was not going to hold out. The wind was picking up blowing across the still frozen lake so we huddled in our sweaters and enjoyed a very quick 'picnic'!

You can really see the weather in this pic! Chilly!!

When the sun was shining, the mountains were exceptionally stunning! 

Such a great first topless cruise of the season.

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