Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Perfect Day

I had such a lovely brunch with a dear friend today. It was so nice to just sit, ramble, cover all the little details across many topics, laugh, complain, eat and above all just be.

Thanks Shan for such a wonderful time!

And a big shout out to the Big Fish:

I would highly recommend the Wild Mushroom Scramble!

Love you my friend! Thanks for being you and always being there!!

p.s. this delicious bite to eat was after I came from the optometrist which included new contacts (oh my gosh they feel so nice), new specs ordered (and they are pretty fun - a little geek chic if you will) and after discovering they had mis-interpreted my prescription last time and had my one eye with a much higher prescription than need be . . . hmmmmm . . . could that be why my other eye has been giving me grief and why I was getting headaches a little more frequently . . . not to mention they gave me 'monthly contacts' that are actually bi-monthly. Really Calgary Optical???? It's only my eyes - one of the most important things that we need to take care of. Oh well - all is rectified now . . . and new glasses - long overdue and so excited!

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