Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The fantastic weekend didn't stop there

It continued on with a fantastic shopping date with Susan. We have had it on our list to wander through Inglewood and Sunday afternoon was the perfect time. She wasn't working, the guys weren't playing hockey until later and Calgary finally saw a sunny break.

Other than the lovely conversation my favorite has to be the Silk Road Spice Merchant:

Doesn't the store front scream 'come in come in'! So we did. And I picked up a few new spices to try.

A little lavender vanilla sugar. I was thinking sugar cookies or shortbread and Susan was thinking coffee. Just might need to bake a little something and invite Susan over for coffee to compare:

Next up, some Sel de Provence and oooh is it tasty. This would taste delicious with a homemade bagette (found a fantastic recipe here at Dinner with Julie for just the thing) drizzled with olive oil and some homemade ricotta (Dying to try your hand at ricotta? Patent and the Pantry has a fabulous recipe here)

And finally the spanish smoked paprika. The smokiness smelled and tasted delicious. It was the perfect compliment for these lamb wraps (my brother and sister are getting into sheep for all those interested so Jimmy and I figured we need to figure out how to cook this meat so we can be supporters of the cause) that I found in a delicious new cookbook that mom gave me for Christmas (thanks mom - there are so many good recipes in there; excited to try some more!).

Thanks Susan for the delightful end to a perfect weekend!

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