Thursday, March 28, 2013


I worked in Pittsburgh this week and was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to see spring. I was welcomed with big wet snow flakes on Monday and thought surely spring might come soon. It snowed a bit on Tuesday and I hoped this was the last of winter. Yesterday morning my rental car was covered in an inch of snow and realized spring was nowhere near.

And then today, well today, I come back to the hotel from the office to find the hotel staff doing yard work!!! They were spreadsing top soil. Trimming bushes. Cutting grass. Spring - is that you? With your tulips and daffodils. Easter eggs and pastel easter dresses. Sunshiney afternoons and crisp mornings. Peep toe shoes and a glimpse of a fresh pedicure. Spring - is that you?

Please do come and stay a while. I am most certainly ready for your visit.

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