Wednesday, August 01, 2012


So I brought a friend to Fort Worth with me this time. He's a rather new friend and in fact this is the first time that we have travelled together. We went through the usual awkwardness of new friends: what's your name, where are you from questions; do you prefer to be warm or cold; are you cranky when you feel like your drained. But alas set off on our adventure.

Landed at the airport and together we navigated our way to the office. The first day was great - he got me pointed in the right direction back to the hotel and sat silently as I navigated myself to the office the following morning.

Then the stress hit - running slightly late we needed to head to Grapevine to meet up with my great friends. Off we headed  and unfortunately  took a few wrong turns. Alas we got turned around and headed out on the interstate.

Suddenly it was like a switch flipped - keep left and bare left were ordered at me. Please tell me what is the difference! Richard started telling me to take the highway or did that mean the high way? And yards? I don't know how far 800 yards is - oops - guess it wasn't my first turn. And when I thought our relationship couldn't deteriorate any further . . . we hit construction! Construction that closed off an exit. UGH!!!

I made it to the restaurant - finally - but the mood in the car was 'icey' and remained that way all the way home!

Surely Richard would be better today - there are no highways involved and the mall was only supposed to be a few minutes away.

Harumpf - well it appears that Richard holds grudges. That would have been helpful to know earlier - what google maps said was 10 minutes from the office took me over 45 minutes with at least three times that i had to pull off the road. After the second one - I was done. I had warned Richard if he did that one more time he would be walking home. Well of course I wouldn't make him walk home but I certainly did banish him to the back seat in silence. I turned to the solace of my long time friend! It doesn't matter how much I need to pay for this luxury - I phone google maps it will be. Finally - there it was hidden behind thick trees so you couldn't see all the lovely shops from the road. Mercies.

I will say though - Richard did get me back to my room in 5 minutes - kinda makes you wonder even more about the 45 now doesn't it.

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Mom said...

Richard! Sounds like he isn't much better than Tommy! Taking Trevor through construction and even showed that there was just a field he was driving on when it was a main road. How many times did Richard have to re-calculate?
Good Entertainment if we're not frustrated!