Thursday, August 30, 2012

My soapbox as of late

At the risk of sounding hard or not an animal lover... How has our culture shifted to value the life of an animal more than a human?

My Facebook news feed and other news stories are flooded with requests and stories for helping rescue dogs. Many, if not all, asking for someone to give of their time and money.

But what about the children who don't get enough to eat right here in our own country? What about the elderly whose pensions don't allow for them to stock their cupboards with the right nutritious foods? I haven't received any of those in my fb newsfeed.

I appreciate the stories are heart wrenching over how people think they can treat animals. I would adopt half the puppies, if I could, to save them from their current life.

Yet again aren't the lives of fellow mankind: a sister, a son, an innocent little one, more deserving of our fundraising effort, time and compassion?

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Sandra said...

I think this same thing but am scared to admit it lest the animal advocates come after me :)