Wednesday, March 07, 2012

You might wonder

Where have I been? What is new? Why did I drop off the blog world for so long? When am I going to return?  Who has captured the priority of  my time over keeping all you lovely firends updated?

Well let me tell you - I have returned. I dropped off due to work commitments that kept me hopping day and night. I wasn't far - in fact sitting in this exact same spot and often times typing on this exact same keyboard - just not on the same links. My fabulous clients and colleagues have heard from me a lot - I am sure they would say too much. And as for what is new? Well let me share:

  • I had my first helicopter ride
  • Achieved a HUGE project milestone at work (thanks to a wonderful team)
  • Met a couple new little snuggle bugs that God has blessed my friends with
  • Hung out in the beautiful town of Fernie
  • Made it home for Christmas
  • Got a new camera lens - a zoooooom lens - eep
  • Superbowl parties, birthday parties and quiet evenings in with friends
  • Enjoyed a weekend away with Jimmy in Banff
  • Planned a girls get away with Kim (meeting up with her in Singapore and then heading out from there)

I will do my best to highlight a few of these excitements in subsequent posts. It isn't much for 5 months and I am hoping to turn that around for the next 5 months. Oh well - sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Happy Hump Day!!!

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MOM said...

Well finally!!! So glad you are back. I know it has been a rough time for you and we thank the Lord He saw you through. You forgot to mention to your mother about the helicopter ride!! I can't believe that Dad and I actually beat you on that one, ha ha.