Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lazy Days

I pre apologize to all of you reading this whom are not currently on vacation.

Have you ever noticed how everything is a bit sweeter when you take a much needed break. 8 hour sleeps feel that much more luxurious. Showers are more energizing. Coffee is that much more delicious. Books are more exciting. Time ticks to a more pleasant beat. Salads are that much crisper and yogurt that much richer.The smaller most mundane items are rejeuvenated to being special again.

I am some number of days in -  less than 5 - have already lost count - to my vacation. Did a little work on the plane and logged into email twice to send that work back to the office and grab a couple more docs from Kai. I have not read any other emails - even the subject - and my phone email is completely disconnected. If they are desperate they know how to text me - and so i turn my phone on to receive texts once a day.

I miss Jimmy like crazy and wish he could have joined me. But I know we will come back here together one day.

In the meantime - I am drinking in every minute of this time away. Time to read and to lounge poolside, soak in that vitamin D, my workouts are now swimming and water aerobics style, I have that second cup of coffee, walk at a leisurely pace (well not so much yesterday but you can read about that here), eat meals on the patio, chat with a dear friend and just be whole in every moment.

At home in my daily work life - I am rarely ever whole in that moment. I am always performing tasks thinking about what is next, what this impacts, what this adds to my to do list, how to utilize this to our advantage. So to sit here wholly in the moment is such a refreshing delight.

And on that thought - it is time to update the travel blog and then head to the pool. My coffree is half way done so I know the timing will be perfect. Oh and for those of you wondering - jet lag is nill now - yay!

Sorry for the quasi sappy post but it is kinda true today. Wish you all could have joined me here - it really is such a treat.

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