Thursday, June 10, 2010

i was on site at Gibsons on Wednesday

the whole day was overcast with showers

at the end of the day, Jimmy was so kindly going to pick me up

we arranged for a time

i waited in the building lobby for him

right around the time we were supposed to meet, i saw a grey caravan pull up across the street and park

rather than waiting for Jimmy to text me, i headed out into the rain to meet him

i was pretty excited that the day was over

and we were going to have a little date

i headed out the door saying good night to various Gibson employees who were starting their trek home as well

i quickly dashed across the street in the rain

as i approached the van i noticed that their was new 'pin striping' along the side

it wasn't jimmy after all but rather a shuttle vehicle for a dealership

i was too embarassed to go back in and explain to those I knew why i was all wet

so i waited outside

in the rain

for a few minutes

under a tree

traffic was so congested that jimmy was a tad delayed

the tree didn't shelter me much

that darn pride - gets me every time

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Mom said...

I can remember another time we just about jumped in to the wrong car!!!