Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pink Stiletto's

Falling makes me laugh. I am fully aware that it is kind of cruel. It's not like I wish others harm but watching others fall causes a giggle to rise up and escape. It is seriously uncontrollable. I don't know if it is the fact that it often seems to be in slow motion. Or if it is the way the arms grasp at the air hoping they can catch themselves.

I know it sounds rude but in all fairness I bust out in uncontrollable fits of laughter when I fall myself. I can only imagine how ridiculous I must look. So in my reality laughing at myself justifies laughing at others.

Yesterday I happened to catch someone fall. He wasn't hurt. And I barely caught it in my peripheral. But it was really funny. I laughed out loud. It was still as amusing today as it was yesterday. Enroute to a yummy Indian lunch buffet I shared the story with Andrew and Ifran. They also 'took to fits of laughter'!

This afternoon karma snuck up on me. I was walking back to my cube after a meeting in the boardroom. I was following Karen and Wes, Doug and Mitch were all behind me. In a split second, I felt my pink stilettos tangle up. As the world slowed to a snail’s space I drastically tried to catch myself. My book, phone and pens went flying in various directions. Noooooooooooo...As my hands grasped at empty air, the floor was getting closer and closer. I couldn't stop myself and I thudded on the floor scraping my knee as I went down. My arm skidded across the carpet resulting in a rug burn from the wrist to the elbow. And in it all I laughed. I am sure my butt was sticking up in the air in front of the men. I am quite confident my hair was slightly askew and the huge welt on my arm was like a blinking neon sign. My bracelet broke resulting in beads scattered across the floor. And I sat there and laughed.

Once I was able to untangle my left stiletto from my right pant leg, I was able to get back on my feet. I assured everyone I was just fine. And I laughed.

It really is funny. Regardless of who falls.


Sandra said...

I'm amused. All I could think is "At least you were wearing pants, otherwise it might not have been so funny!!:

MOM said...

OH MY!!! What are the chances of both you and your father falling in the same week!! He did not have stilettos on but good gripping winter boots!! We're not sure how it happened but he fell from the last step of the bleachers at the skating rink with Chase in his arms. I turned around and there they were sprawled face down with Chase GIGGLING!! Taking after Auntie??
Your Dad has a sore shoulder and a very skinned knee. He wasn't laughing but beet red in the face.
Glad you're OK and yes that you indeed had worn slacks!!

Elaine Scott said...

Speaking of falls . . . Remember the mall in Calgary years ago when Kim and I came to vist????

Jules said...

oh my mercies - i totally forgot about that wipe out - that was funny that day too . . .

poor dad - i can only imagine how embarassed he would be; hee hee; must have been a change in the moons or something!!! chasey giggling - love it!