Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photo class is ending tomorrow. I have learned so much about taking photos, working with light and editing. And to showcase all we have learned, we were to take 3 pics that tell a story. So here is my story.

I love architectural detail. I know that for many it is no surprise to hear that. After all, stuffed in the closet in my bedroom on the farm should be a scrapbook filled with the perfect interior design elements featured in mom's Good Housekeeping magazines from years ago. And, that is the primary reason for my move to Calgary.

I also love churches. I know that God is not confined to a space but I love walking into a church that is awe-inspiring.

So after much thought, I knew what I wanted to do. Jimmy and I stopped for some yummy Starbucks coffee and with the top down on a gorgeous day in March we headed off to find the perfect church. Grace Presbyterian was the final choice. I loved the stone work, the white trimming and the beautiful stained glass windows.

To present it to the class, I need to print them out as 8x10 and frame them. I will let you know how it all turns out but at this point, I am quite impressed with the camera and the operator!

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