Monday, March 22, 2010

Cowtown's Hidden Treasures

I was trying to gather all the appropriate information for dinner club this month. It is my turn to choose the restaurant and when we send out the email with the announcement for the time and place, we always include a little ditty about the restaurant, location and any web sites we can find on it. But that is neither near nor there.

What is important is this: In my travels for this finformation for dinner club, I stumbled across a series of videos in the making in which some locals are creating 25 videos for 25 days on 25 wonderful things that Calgary has to offer. The first video i watched was on desserts. They will not win an oscar but each taste involved chocolate. Having given up chocolate for lent this year (and for some reason this year seems to be harder than it has been) I found myself drooling over each bite he took!

Their blog contains the links to their other topics which are short little ditty's and really quite fun! If nothing else, they confirm what I have known all along - there are some wonderful little spaces in calgary to play, eat and just enjoy!

p.s. totally burnt my little grilled cheese whilst writing this blog; grilled cheese with pre-shredded cheese is extra tricky though - in my defense.

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