Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Drives

Summer was getting into full swing and Jimmy and I took the opportunity to sneak away for a little date. A drive has always been one of our favorite summer dates and this day was no exception.

We headed out with thoughts of honey, a baseball game in Okotoks and lunch at the Chuckwagon Cafe. Although we didn't stop for honey we did start with the most delicious meal. The wait was a touch longer than we anticipated so we took advantage of the sun and our to go coffees and soaked it all in. I will say that Jimmy declared it the best eggs Benedict he has ever had! Big claims people but every bite lived up to it!

We had a little time before the ball game started so took a meandering drive over to Okotoks. We saw some of the devastation left behind by the river. For much of it, it would be too hard to capture on film or is too personal and I surely wanted to respect others pain by not photographing it. This Winnebago however sums it all up. Who knows where it came from but to be discarded by a river in such a manner is just a small example of the fury it released that weekend.

Being that Trevor and Kim were in the planning stages on sheep, these sweet little faces and freshly shorn bodies and all the fun memories I have of Aunt Emily's sheep when I was little ... Well... I couldn't help myself... Aren't the alpacas the sweetest?

We finished off our date with a favorite summertime past time of ours, some local baseball action. Now that Calgary doesn't have any teams, we have found a new place to grab a hot dog, sit in the sunshine and listen to the crack of the bat!

Such a perfect date Sunday!

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