Friday, November 16, 2012

It's time

For the birthday week to begin.... So very excited.

I have some work and my annual physical to get through first - haha but once that is done... Look out weekend!

And in preparation for turning another year older, God gave me a plethora of encouraging compliments from strangers this week:

- my eyes are amazing
- my personality is beautiful
- I am looking fantastic for my age (yes that one has started. Can't dwell on the flip side as that would be depressing)
- my favorite: my accent is so lovely that they could listen to me talk all day (I'm sure some of you would beg to differ)

Okay so it's off to work at a Starbucks by my doc in Calgary! And once that is over Jimmy has a surprise for me...So good to be home!!

1 comment:

Elaine Scott said...

When did you start working at Starbucks? I guess I must be out of the loop! Oh well -- Have a GREAT 29th birthday. Love you - miss you