Thursday, November 08, 2012

Coming Home

So excited to be coming home this week. Last weekend felt so short by losing Friday and this weekend won't be much better as I need to fly out on Sunday. Oh well - we are quickly approaching my birthday of which one of my birthday presents is staying home the week following. Yay for American Thanksgiving!

And on the agenda this weekend??

A little dinner club for a Peruvian dining experience: apparently their rotisserie chicken is amazing as it uses herbs that are only grown in Peru!

A little sleep in! YAY.

A little hockey. I have to go and see these shiny new digs that Jim's been wearing . . .

A little laundry - there always seems to be a little laundry.

A little Christmas shopping. Going to get a jump on it this year, I am!

A little visit with Julie. It has been too long since I have connected with her. I do miss her so :(

A little house keeping. Poor Jimmy has been doing a lot of house keeping. The least I can do is a little . . .

A little planning for Jimmy, Mom and Dad's trip to Texas. (We just might turn dad into a traveller after all . . . )

A little grocery shopping. Craving some berries. Craving little soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Craving a fresh crispy apple.

A little exercise. Need to get back into winter elliptical mode. Need to spend some time doing Yoga.

A little tv watching. Worked just a little bit harder this week.

A little birthday week planning. I do have a spa voucher to use after all - maybe a facial and a massage? And a little hair appt before Christmas. Coffee with a birthday twin. The special birthday dinner. An evening out with friends? Hmmmm - maybe a bit more than a little birthday week planning!

A whole lot of catching up with my hubby. Missing him extra this week. Looking forward to a whole week at home with him - yes I am!

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