Monday, October 08, 2012

Remembering and Fall Colors

This week found Jimmy and I back in Nova Scotia for a quick trip. Although it was a hard week as we had the honor to pay our last respects to Popo, it was great to be home with family and friends.

What a beautiful time of year the Lord chose to reunite Popo and Nanny. The trees are turning and the colors are spectacular. The fall breezes bring with them the last of summer's warmth. The salty waves are cool to the touch but do not yet feel of winter's ice. The sun glistens off the fluffy cattails and the air is scented with harvest and fresh split wood. The fire crackles to take off the morning chill and one finds themselves craving hearty foods of warmth and spices.

We laughed, we cried, we remembered old and learned something new. We wandered the yard and explored the trails. We waded in the sea and searched for treasures. We planned our tomorrows and were thankful for our past. We had family dinners and enjoyed good friends. We had the wheel once and had it again. We discovered places new to me and familiar to others.

Rest dear little Popo, we shall miss you. I am so very glad I got to know you for a while.

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