Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Endings

We were watching one of our shows this morning. It was following a little guy who was playing in his first baseball game. He was up to bat, the game was close and last time he had batted he had failed miserably...

Jimmy looked at me and asked if I thought the little guy was gonna get a hit. I answered that I sure hope so!

You can't always write the happy endings in life. Too many situations result in sadness and heart ache. Too often the little guy doesn't get the winning hit. We hear of so many tragedies. Too much death. Too many instances of bullying. Too many diseases and natural disasters. Too much famine and abuse. So when I have an opportunity to watch a little TV I desperately wish for those happy endings!

Stories have been an escape for our entire existence as humans. One of most effective ways to teach a lesson, remember something important or entertain. An opportunity to spin a tale that tells of heroes and success.

And so I was so glad the writers chose to give us that happy ending. To spin this tale into something positive. To bring some joy. The little guy hit the ball and ended up with an in field home run winning the game.

Cause today, today I didn't want to watch a story that resembled real life. Today I wanted to know that when we get a chance to write our own ending we write a happy ending!

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