Saturday, May 15, 2010

Season finales are going to get the best of me this year I think

They spend all year ensuring I fall in love with these people; make friends with them

Only to watch them endure the pain of loss and hurt

And so it is time to stock up on tissues

I couldn't make it through Private Practice without crying at the end

Brothers and Sisters had to sell Ohai and I know that this Sunday is not going to be any better

Mercies - there is still Parenthood (I certainly hope that Sarah can endure whatever life may throw her way), Grey's Anatomy and 24 to get through

The Good Wife is nearing its end and it's about time to find out who is going to be the Biggest Loser

I better buy another box of kleenex


Robin Berkan said...

Oh Jules! I watch two of those shows, plus Criminal Minds (last season's ender was a REAL tearjerker!!) and House. And will Nicole get the big glass ball?? I hope not!!

Jules said...

eep - thank goodness the summer shows are a little more light hearted