Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cheers to a dear friend

The moment I walked in and spotted her, I had this feeling about her. This feeling that she already knew me and we would be fast friends. Once we met, I was not disappointed. It was one of those moments where life was so comfortable that you just knew it was right.

As with every friendship, it required sacrifices and came with a cost. But no matter who I introduced her to, they all quickly fell in lover with her as well.

And oh the adventures these last few years have brought us: long road trips, discovering new cities and visiting old ones, hanging with the fam, spectacular mountain views and camping. We endured moves, she is always the first to help me with the heavy lifting, together we have seen loss and love. She was one of the first to meet Jimmy and they have grown to be dear friends as well. She has seen my bad dancing, endured the necessity to sing with Summer of '69 at the top of my lungs, seen me cry and witnessed me laughing uncontrollably. We have had a few bumps and bruises along the way but nothing that friendship can't get past.

So this is for you, dear Zinzin (to any who don't know - it's italian colloqial for just a little bit crazy). Together our lives are just a little bit crazy. You are all mine now - free and clear! And what a feeling that is!!

Zinny - you still make me smile like a fool as we whip down the highway at speeds I would never confess to my dad with the top down and the sun warming us. Your cup holders are always handy, the cargo entry has saved me on more than one occasion and your little heater is sure to warm all winter long!!


Sandra said...

Ah, free and is a fantastic feeling! Congrats!

Mom said...

Wonderful!! Now maybe you will be able to give the dear girl a facelift(new windshield). I'm sure she will love that! As to the speed????Dad says you will one day have children whom you would want to be responsible!! Hee Hee