Sunday, February 28, 2010

the perfect canadian weekend

laughs and giggles
nail biting hockey
clinking glasses with friends to a well fought victory
sleeping in
crave cupcakes
national pride
wheatgrass juice
cards from sweet friends
saturday outfits
fresh sushi
friends stopping in
shattering olympic records
amazing race
gold medals
figure skating gala
river walks
skipping through puddles
a winning goal
group hugs
planning how to accomplish your dreams
that my friends, is Canada


Sandra said...

I don't see any curling on that list, Jules, what kinda Saskatchewanian are you anyway? Was there any other real reason to watch the Olympics?? ;) Sounds like it was a good weekend, though!

Jules said...

lol - okay okay - i watched the full games for both the ladies and the men and couldn't bear to even think about changing the channel as we were nearing the end of the games.

i loved how the guy dropped his broom before the rock had even reached his target . . . it was great.

and i did read up on morris when jimmy and his sister wanted to know where he was from - apparently he is known for breaking brooms and tearing off his shirt when he is mad . . . hmmmm too bad i didn't see any of those games ;-)